VANDAL GUARD | Vandal and cab damage Protection Systems.

Protecting the cab from thrown debris, and vandals. Lowers insurance premiums and provides added peace of mind.

vandal guard cab protection systems uk

Vandal Guard- Cab protection from thrown debris/vandal prevention.

​Vandal Guards have been protecting earthmoving and demolition plant across the UK and Europe for over 25 years.

Recommended by leading manufacturers and suppliers, Vandal Guards lower insurance costs, minimise down-time, and give complete peace of mind. We have worked to improve on the quality of vandal guards already on the market and supply arguably the very best product available.

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The Perfect Fit

Our bespoke systems fit all types of cabs and work vehicles.

  • Guards are hung from rails mounted to the cab, using existing fixing points where possible.  No need to drill the cab.
  • ‘One key for all’ padlocks supplied.
  • Available professionally fitted by our experienced installation team anywhere in the UK, or supplied as a DIY kit.​
  • Quick lead times minimising down-time and the vulnerability of your plant.